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a story about PERSPECTIVE - Buddhist Story

a story about PERSPECTIVE - Buddhist Story
is a story originally told by Venerable Master Hsing Yun and read by Dare to do. Motivation abut how, if we change how we look at things our life can change.
Please let me know in the comments below what you think and share the video with friends and family!
Thank you so much for watching and STAAAAY BLESSED :)
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Listen to your happy...don't give up and always believe!

Hi everybody i write and speak most of the speeches myself, so if you need some material or want to do some sort of collaboration,
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Vishnu Karuppasamy : Another way they combine the store selling umbrellas at rainy season and noodles during summer
Mehedis Daily : Everything comes to pass, Nothing comes to stay!

Motivational Quotes Video Uploaded on My Channel Regularly!
jacintha bharos :
Asanga Gurung : It's like saying a glass is half full or half empty
Sam Yeung : I am gonna to start selling noodles and umbrellas.
Nivedita Jha : Our life can be a sad story with lots of pain, crying ... Or a happy comedy story with lots of love,jokes, fun and lot more..

The choice is our
Nivedita Jha : Perspective can Change a person psychology

Complete story below

So once upon a time there was an old lady who cried all the time. Her elder daughter was married to an umbrella merchant while the younger daughter was the wife of a noodle vendor. On sunny days , she worried "oh no! The weather is so nice and sunny , no one is going to buy any ☂️ "What will happen if the shop has to be closed? "These worries made her sad , she just could not help but cry. When it rained, she could cry for the younger daughter she thought, "Oh no! My younger daughter is married to a noodle vendor , they cannot dry noodles without sun. Now there will be no noodles to sell . What should we do? As a result, the old lady lived in sorrow everyday. Whether or ️ ,she grieved for one of her daughters. Her neighbours couldn't console her and jokingly called her "The Crying Lady".
One day , she met a monk . He was very curious as to why she was always crying . She explained the problem to him . The monk smiled kindly and said, "Madam! You need not worry. I will show you a way to happiness , and you will need to grieve no more." The crying lady was very excited. She immediately asked the monk to show her what to do . The monk replied, "It is very simple. You just need to change your perspective. On days , don't think of your elder daughter not being able to sell umbrellas but the younger daughter being able to dry her noodles with such good sunlight , she must be able to make plenty of noodles and her business must be very good. When it rains , think about the umbrella store of the elder daughter with the rain , everyone must be buying umbrellas, she will sell a lot of umbrellas and her store will prosper. Finally the old lady saw the light . She followed the monk's instruction. After a while she didn't cry anymore instead , she was smiling everyday. From that day onward she was known as "The SMILING Lady" .
Janet Maloney : Jesus is the not so secret secret to a Happy Life
Jacob Baldridge : I like how you used old Katara from avatar
Sumathi S : Best store

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Дарина Анова : Какой неприятный говор у тех кто ненавидит Землю Мать!!!Сами судите!




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